Neighborhood History


Did You Know?

Cress Creek was founded in 1962 by Community builder, Harold Moser who got his 
inspiration from a development in Florida.  The subdivisions official
name is Cress Creek County Club Estates

Cress Creek was the Chicago area’s first residential golf course

Harold Moser’s original inspiration for entering real estate development and
home construction in 1949 was to accelerate demand for his lumber in the face of
two competing lumber yards.

Many people told Harold Moser that “no one would want to live that far
from downtown” (meaning Naperville) when he started the Cress Creek

Street names were inspired by Scottish Golf Courses (unless tied to an
existing street such as W. Bauer or N. West).

In 1968, Margaret and Harold Moser moved into the home at 725
Burning Tree Lane on the original ninth fairway so that Harold could watch
golfers pass by while he recovered from a stroke. In 1970 Margaret and Harold
moved to their new home at 908 Heatherton where they lived for over 3 decades.
Over the years they facilitated many social gathers in the neighborhood including 
Block Parties, Country Club events and at-home gatherings.

Harold Moser also founded and developed White Eagle Golf Club. Instead of 
establishing reciprocity between the clubs he sold Cress Creek County club to it's 
members in the late 1980's.
When he retired in 1993 at age 79, by his own recounting, Mr. Moser’s
company, Macom Corporation, had developed 1/3rd of Naperville’s then
23,000 homes, establishied 10,000 home sites on almost 4,000 acres
(e.g., Cress Creek, Moser Highlands, Aero Estates, Maplebrook, White

Reviewing his life's work, Moser reflected, “I’ve never done a cookiecutter development. 
Each subdivision has had its own identity, and that’s what has set us apart through the years and
affected the character of the community".