The “Declaration of Protective Land Restrictions”, signed by Macom
Corporation on May 24, 1965 spelled out the six guidelines that were
Harold Moser’s vision for the look of Cress Creek when build-out was

While the plat restrictions included in the original development
plan have expired residents are encouraged to consider the original
intent of the subdivision. 

1. Land Use and Building Type. No building site shall be used
except for single residential purposes. No building site shall be erected,
altered, placed or permitted to remain on any land other than one
detached single family dwelling not to exceed two and one-half stories in
height, and a private garage for not more than three cars. A single family
dwelling is hereby defined to be a residential structure designed and used
for one family consisting of a number of individuals living in the premises
as a single housekeeping unit.

2. Quality and Size. All dwellings shall be erected of substantial,
good materials and quality workmanship. The ground floor area of the
main structure, exclusive of open porches, breeze-ways and garages,
shall not be less than 1,400 square feet for a one-story dwelling, nor less
than 1,000 square feet on the first floor of any two-story dwelling; shall not
be less than 1,400 square feet for a split-level dwelling, exclusive of any
floor area located in a generally known and described excavated area.

3. Signs. No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view
on any lot except one professional sign of not more than one square foot.
Signs used by a subdivider or builder to advertise the property during the
construction and sales period excepted.

4. Animals. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be
raised, bred or kept on any lot except that dogs, cats and other household
pets may be kept, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for
any commercial purpose. All household pets shall not be allowed beyond
the lot unless the pet is on a leash. Animals shall not be allowed to run
loose. This includes both dogs and cats, as well as other pets. Owners of
household pets shall clean up after their pets and shall be responsible to
repair and pay any damages caused by the animal. Owners in Cress
Creek shall likewise be responsible for and be subject to these provisions
for the household pets of their guests.
5. Fencing. That any lot abutting or adjacent to the golf course
shall not have erected thereon any fence of any type or description, to
separate the golf course area from said lot, whether on the side or rear lot

6. Utilities. No exterior radio, satellite and television antenna
towers or dishes shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot in
Cress Creek. All utility services, including television, shall be placed

City Code and Code Enforcement: 
The City of Naperville's Municipal Code can be found at
and is a great resource for guideance on city codes and enforcement.